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The Willis Project


I’m starting a new project over on Paper Screams. It’s focused on my Grandfather, Willis Hickok.

I have a small collection of memorabilia from his life. Some drawings, artifacts, tools and such. I plan on writing, mostly poetry, but some prose, on these things and memories. Obviously there will be pieces of work including Grandma and others who are tied to this.

I’m soliciting anecdotes, photos or whatever else may be relevant in support of this project.

This will be an off-and-on, running theme for a long while, I suspect. But it’ll be good. There’s a lot of funny, emotional and historic stuff to work from.


The Answer is 42


Today, this year, May the 4th, I’m 42. A party is in order. To be held at my place on the 6th.

1. Don’t Panic
2. Bring your towel
3. It’s mostly harmless
4. May the 4th be with you
5. Lightsabers, blasters, bathrobes and babelfish optional
6. Something pink – sharing the party with another friend who insists.

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Because I still want it

On Writing Emergencies

Heinlein said it is a sickness. L’Amour said it had to be pursued. I’m inclined to agree with both. Heinlein also said that a poet who reads his work in public likely has other bad habits. So I haven’t read in public but maybe once in my life. I certainly think he’s right on that count.

So there are three basic times in which writing becomes an emergency. Emergency here is defined as a moment when all else must stop and words must be recorded. So the first two are fairly easy to identify – bad times and good times. The third is difficult and usually quite inconvenient. Any time between one and two.

Contrary to legend, one needs not be in a moment of reverie to have the bug hit. I get the call to write with little warning and at any time. Granted, many of my most prolific moments have been in the throes of depression or elation.

But this past week has seen a bender not tied to either. Life has been meh. Yet I have been compelled to produce a half-dozen pieces almost right on top of each other and not all of the same theme.

The Lost Chalks Sessions has most of the new work. And I’m enjoying it immensely. But there are some others floating in there as well.

What does all this mean? Hardly a thing, really. But I have always loved writing. And that’s about it for me.

The Lost Chalks Sessions

Over at Paperscreams, I’ve begun an exploration of some different themes in poetry. The title of this set is partly in tribute to Terry Pratchett, an author who has had a profound impact in the way I see the world. It is also, however, a journey into scenery and thinking about scenery.

Though I hadn’t intentionally devised this theme, I noticed something unusual. In all the poems I’ve written, only three fit what I am now writing. So I’ve kind of doubled down and begun writing in earnest to capture these images of places where I’ve been. Not limited to physical visits, they consist of things from my reading journeys and imagination.

That’s all. Just wanted to provide some insight on the new development.

Pipe Mania

Gold Briar PipeYep, I’m a Brother of the Briar. I’ve been trying out the blends and styles of tobacco and the amazing craftsmanship of these great toys for a few years now. Thought I’d share some of my collected discoveries.

There are a ton of pipe fanatics out there, and an equal ton of makers. My lasting favorite craftsmen are definitely Trevor Talbert, Dan Morrison, Geiger and Stanwell. The best site about pipes is definitely Pipemakers’ Forums (#1 of all time). Just For Him, Cup O’ Joes, and Iwan Ries are the places I go to first for shopping.

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Updated Literary Encounters

Sorting is Fun

A Literary Sampler

Here are the latest additions to my list of read books, not necessarily books since the last update, but older reads as well. My opinions and updated comments ensue on my Authors List Page.

As of 20 January 2015:

New Authors: Cain, Chödrön, MacArthur, Mitchell, Muir, Renick, Steinbeck, Thompson, Walser and Westrup.

Updated Authors: Bradbury.

I’m always thinking more about past reads, returning to old favorites and taking on new works. I can’t claim professional critic status or even well-read, but I love digesting books both old and new. As my readers probably know by now, I can prattle on and on about most of them. Enjoy.

Again, the List is here:

Prayer Warrior

Water of the WordSomething I’m not. But I’m always drawn to it, despite my recalcitrance. 

Here are some resources I’ve found very helpful. They are by Andrew Case, a musician who really does good things. Here is his website: His Magnificence

The .pdf documents below are books for husbands, wives and parents, respectively.

They are primarily scriptural. Meaning they are right out of God’s Word, crafted into prayers.