Combat For Girls

This is terribly charged and difficult to write in my situation. I’ve been living long enough in this twisted up world to find it very hard to discern the line that is crossed in gender roles. I believe in complementarian ideas about men and women, though I don’t think I’m educated enough in the details that comprise the relationship. I admit that it is the place in which we find ourselves in this era that makes viewing women as truly different from men most difficult. I sure don’t think there’s any age in history (that I’ve read) where the distinct roles of women and men are even close to being as blurred as today. We’ve all grown up in the increasingly concentrated culture of “Why can’t I” or “If I can, why can’t he/she/it/they.”

The key is somewhere in there. If we can realize that the group-think is screwing up our perspective, we may be able to break out of the loop and into a correct view of women in combat (or men as stay-home-mommies or whatever else is opposed to the Bible and history).

I’m not suited to elaborate more. I’m only suited to state my convictions. So I’ll simply link to some relevant posts I’ve read and think lay out most of my beliefs on the subject of women in combat. Or women in the military in general. Take it or leave it.

The Reformed Mind: “Anyone who knows me, knows that I try to have a great respect for women, I believe they are a gift from God to man, I believe they serve a vital–absolutely vital–purpose in God’s design, purpose, and will.  Women have a great role in childrearing, in encouragement, in care, love, emotion; they have a way of balancing out the strengths–and weaknesses–of men (and vice versa).  We each play a special role in this life, women no less than men.”

Denny Burk: “What kind of a society puts its women on the front lines to risk what only men should be called on to risk? In countries ravaged by war, we consider it a tragedy when the battle comes to the backyards of women and children. Why would we thrust our own wives and daughters into that horror? My own instinct is to keep them as far from it as possible. Perhaps this move makes sense with an all volunteer force, but what if the draft is ever reinstituted? Are we really going to be the kind of people who press our wives and daughters to fight in combat?”

Albert Mohler has been talking about this for years.
2004: Women in Combat–A Time for Truth
2005: Women in Combat–An Important Issue?
2009 Quiet Circumvention of Morality — Women in Combat
“From a Christian perspective, the concern about women in combat goes far beyond the pollsters’ questions. If we truly believe that God created men and women for different but complementary roles and shows his glory in the faithfulness of men as primary protectors and women as primary nurturers, the entry of women into combat roles is an open rejection of God’s purpose. As military historians document, every society throughout history has normalized the military service of men. Though women have known combat in isolated cases throughout history, the fact that such cases are rare is the exception that proves the rule. This wisdom is part of general revelation and thus the moral wisdom shared by virtually all cultures.”


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