Good Reads Rollup 2011

Book Rollin'

Has it been this long? A whole year since the last Rollup? I suppose I’ll have to put a new face on this feature to go with the new focus of faith and life that have come round in 2011. So here is a bunch of stuff I’ve found interesting or worth pondering. For offline reading, one might consider the following books I recently finished or am working on.

Easy: Grahame’s “The Wind In The Willows,” Luther’s “Concerning Christian Liberty” and Heinlein’s “Time Enough For Love.”

Hard: Bahnsen’s “Theonomy in Christian Ethics,” Leithart’s “Defending Constantine” and Herodotus’ “Histories.”

Online, the following weblogs and articles should provide some entertainment, information or theological value:

I haven’t exactly found it easy or pleasant to discipline my kids. Nor is it easy to be an angry Calvinist and I’m not even close to being a reputable or widely known Calvinist. There’s something here, though, regarding feelings and not crossing the line.

Ever really thought about the banana you just bought? And maybe why it’s just not as fulfilling as you thought? NPR has a listen for you.

Adam and Eve wrote a letter to Albert Mohler. I think they had too much apple.

My good friend, Perry, got his terminology straight and so should we.

Can you be Reformed and Charismatic? Michael Horton talks about it here at the White Horse Inn.

Lego is cool. Brothers Brick is full of cool.

I read this about whether Doctrine Is Important or just the Law.

My pastor has been discussing a book on Christianity and Liberalism by Machen.

So we’re entering a new era where perhaps more testing of our belief is upon us than in several generations, the agenda arises. This in lock-step with the ended ban in the U.S. Armed Forces.

This book is worth picking up: Shardik or you can just read about it: Wiki-Shardik NOTE: For less Spoilerificity on Shardik, visit the Confessional Outhouse.

And this short think about if there could be sacraments of earth made me ponder.


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