Paper Screams Death Throes

Paper Screams was condemned to the ether-trash a little while ago.  I have uploaded the last backup from March 25th of 2009.  All poetry is on LAH now as well as whatever postings were on PS.  It’s organized by dates of original posts.  Poetry is still sorted as was on PS (category/book).  Many of the images were lost because of dropped links (outside the home site) and I’ll fix those I can.  Some may not come back.

I have applied the category “Paper Screams” to all the poetry.  Additional categories that apply to Paper Screams content include:

NOTE:  My work in Paper Screams spans about 20 years of my life and there is material that is not suitable for youn-uns (primarily in the Sunrise department).  I have made efforts to notify readers of sensitive material in such cases.  You’ll see them with the headline

“This poem is classified DRUNEO for Don’t Read Unless Not Easily Offended.”

(Notify me immediately if I’ve missed one)

There are NO instances of inappropriate imagery or other media on the site.


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