Not too long after I started making the entries in here, Lib made an entry which was righter than most, including me, would’ve expected.  Of course, hardly anything that happens in my life could be described as simple or even easy.  Lib knows me pretty well after all these years, but I’ve been known to pull a good surprise on even my greatest critics from time to time.  Still, she called it right.  Nothing short of miracles.

With major shifts in philosophy, religion (yep, I said it) and some REALLY recent stuff which I cannot divulge, the pooka program has finally taken a turn for the best.  I know, riddles and secrets abound, but not for too much longer.  I’m just aligning these entries and their content so as not to interfere with snailmail and other communications media.

It’ll be understood in due time, soonest, promptly, quick, whatever.


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